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      The company always insists on the developmental policies of High Standing Point, Technological Orientation and Innovative Road, implement the developmental strategy of combining export-oriented stimulus and independent innovation, and has conducted successful cooperation with SWEPCO company.
      Our company has conducted cooperation with celebrated institutions and universities in China in terms of production, study and research and introduce advanced technologies and ideas so that each client can reasonably benefit from lubricating economy.
      The research of Beijia technological products focuses on high-grade, high-precision and advanced technologies. When it comes to service & management, principles with new, special and unique natures are implemented. Expert-leading sale methods and industry-based management are employed. For different clients, we shall appropriately provide corresponding scientific and systematic lubrication program.
      Henan Beijia Lubrication Science & Technology Co., Ltd was certificated as official member of Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers on November 30, 2015.
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